Selena Gomez “Lose You To Love Me”: iPhone 11 Pro, Justin Bieber and a Whole Lotta Classy

Selena Gomez released her new single “Lose You To Love Me” on Tuesday, accompanied by a music video directed by Sophie Muller and shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro.

The project piqued my interest because I’m always keen on microbudget filmmaking.  They shot the video in black and white using a single frame that zooms in and out.   Both choices take a lot of the work out of photography and color correction.  The medium close- up framing also showcases the iPhone’s strength for portrait photography.  I love the “embrace your limitations” approach.   The people who made “Lose You To Love Me” totally embraced the limitations of the iPhone and used them to make some stunning artistic choices.  The editing is pretty simple and elegant, too:  just some lengthy cross- dissolves across the many moods of Selena.

And I love the song!  Even if it’s *not about Justin Bieber, Selena’s on- and- off love from 2009- 2018, I’m eating up that story.  Selena co- wrote the song with Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, part of her songwriting team from Revival.  I especially liked Selena’s references to JB’s 2015 album Purpose, like the line in the first verse (“set fire to my purpose”) and the shot where the mimics Justin’s cover pose, but looks up to the heavens instead of at herself.

I thought the simple music video did a beautiful job showcasing the song, Selena, and the iPhone 11.  I probably wouldn’t ever chose the iPhone 11 Pro over an actual video camera, but it’s nice to know the iPhone 11 Pro can pull together a well- crafted story.  And I am definitely here for some more SelGo.


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