Taylor Swift Stole Music & Lyrics from Hilary Duff… Again

Lover came out last week.  I haven’t listened to the whole thing.  It is so.  Damn.  Long.

I listened to enough to realize Taylor ripped off two Hilary Duff songs, though.

On Reputation, Taylor used lyrics from Hilary’s single “Breathe in.  Breathe out” in her song “Getaway Car”.  On Lover, Taylor uses the verse structure from that same Hilary Duff Song (“Breathe In.  Breathe Out.”) in “Paper Rings”.  I also think the verse melody in “The Archer” sounds alarmingly like the one in “Come Clean”.

But in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, Taylor really stole from Matthew Koma and Dan Book, the writers and producers of “Breathe In.  Breathe Out”.  On “Come Clean”, Kara DioGuardi and John Shanks get songwriting credits.  So Taylor is not stealing from another well- off celebrity.  She’s stealing from songwriters.

Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff wrote both “Paper Rings” and “Getaway Car”.

Did they get the rights?  I sure hope so.  Taylor Stiff made a big stink about rights when she left Big Machine.  I sure hope she’s practicing what she preaches.  And if she doesn’t, I hope she pays those songwriters a heap of her money.




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