Could Astrology Bring People Together?

On a recent trip to the doctor, a nurse came in with his clipboard.

“Capricorn?” he asked, eyeing my birth date.

“You too?” I asked, confirming his guess.

He smiled.  “We’ve got to stick together.”

This male nurse and I had almost no shared demographics:  he was male, a different color, older, and worked in a different field.  But we had something in common:  our star sign.

Stars signs, zodiac signs or astrology refer to the constellations in the sky during the time you were born.  According to lore, people born under specific constellations signs have specific personality traits.

I support astrology because it give us humans a way to identify ourselves based on behavior traits instead of biological traits like race or gender.  As I like to say, there are 7 billion people in the world and only 365 birthdays.

You’re bound to have something in common with someone.

Instagram accounts poking fun at star sign stereotypes have become increasingly popular lately.  #Astrology has over 3.5 million posts.  Astrology memes with titles like “dating a Gemini”  pop up everywhere.  People love astrology.

Roberta Maddelena Bireau Zodiac Illustrations

Part of astrology’s unifying power comes from accepting that it’s mostly fake.  However, there are a few very broad traits that people seem to really vibe on.  For example, Capricorns are known for being bossy,  Gemini are known for being indecisive,  Scorpios are known for being aggressive, and Leos are mellow.

Of course, a wide variety of factors encompassing nature and nurture affect personality traits- but who’s not bossy, flaky, aggressive, or mellow sometimes, right?

Anyways, I’m here for star signs. Coming together on something that’s not too serious helps people identify with others who are different from them in a low- risk way.  Plus, it’s fun!



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