How to Add Music to your Instagram stories/ How to Share Music on Instagram (With Pictures)

When you share a song to Instagram from Spotify, it displays the album cover and a link, but doesn’t play the music.

This is lame!

To play a song over your Instagram story, follow these steps:

1. Open Instagram.

2. Tap “Your Story” in the upper left hand corner.

3. Tap the lower left hand corner to access your saved photos and videos.  You can also create photos and videos in Instagram, but I find this much more cumbersome.

4. Select the photo or video to which you want to add music.  I just used the album cover so it looks more like the Spotify link.

5.  Now, with your photo or video selected, tap the “stickers” button on the Story home screen.

6.  A bunch of fun sticker options will appear.  You want the one that says “music”.

7.  Tapping the “music” sticker brings you to a music library within Instagram.  It has most of the same songs Spotify has.  Search for the song you want using the search bar.

8.  Tap the song you want.  This puts the sticker on your photo or video.

9.  You can play 15 seconds of music at a time.  Use a slider to slide to the part of the song you want.  Recently, this feature has been auto- selecting the chorus.

10. You can move the sticker anywhere you want on the screen.

11.  When you are done, tap “your story” to share your photo or video with music to your followers.


  • The Music sticker doesn’t create a shareable link.  Your friends will have to then search for the song on their music app.  But, at least you can expose your followers to some great new music!
  • Adding a song to your story automatically removes any existing audio from your video.
  • Not everyone has this feature on their Instagram yet.

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