Spanish to English Translations for Borderlands/ La Frontera by Gloria Anzaldua, Fourth Edition, Chapter 6 Tlilli, Tlapalli- The Path of the Red and Black Ink

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I put together this list to help some of my AP Lang students read Borderlands/ La Frontera: The New Mestiza by Gloria Anzaldua.  I am not a native Spanish speaker and would LOVE some comments or assistance with the translations!

These are only translations for words or phrases for which Anzaldua has not included English translations.  Many times, she will write the English directly following the Spanish.  It also does not include translations of Nahuatl (Aztec) words.  I am still working on it!

Chapter 6- Tlilli, Tlapali / The Path of Red and Black Ink

In this chapter, Anzaldua talks about her relationship with writing.

Page 87- cuentos– accounts, stories

89- la tengo que bañar y vestir- I have to bathe and dress

92- el espiritu del mundo– the spirit of the world

93- Con imagenes domo mi medio, cruzo los abismos que tengo por dentro.  Con palabras me hago piedra, pajaro, puente de serpientes arrastrando a ras del suelo todo lo que soy, todo lo que algum dira sere. 

With images I dome myself in half, I cross the abysses that I have inside. With words I become a stone, a bird, a bridge of snakes, dragging everything that I am on the ground, everything that somebody will say.

93- Los que estan mirando (leyendo)

Los que cuentas (o refieren lo que leen)

Los que vuelven ruidosamante las hojas de los codices. 

Los que tienen en su poder

la tinta negra y roja (la sabiduria)

y lo pintado, 

ellos nos llevan, nos guian, 

Nos dicen el camino.  

Those who are watching (reading)

Those who count (or report what they read)

Those who return the leaves of the codices rudely.

Those who have in their possession

The black tint and the red (the wisdom)

And that which is painted,

They take us, they guide us,

They tell us the way.

93- Tallo mi cuerpo como si estuviera lavando un trapo.  Toco las saltadas venas de mis manos, mis chichis adormecidas como pajaras al anochecer.  Estoy encorvada sobre la cama.  Las imagenes aletean alrededor de mi cama como murcielagos, la sabana como que ruviese alas.  El ruido de los trenes subterraneos en me sentido como conchas.  Parece que las paredes del cuarto se me arriman cada vez mas cerquita.

Stem my body as if I were washing a rag. I touch the chipped veins of my hands, my tits numbed like strawberries at nightfall. I’m hunched over the bed. The images flutter around my bed like bats, the savanna as if it were flying wings. The noise of the underground trains made me feel like shells. It seems that the walls of the room come closer and closer to me.

93- e escribo con la tinta de mi sangre– I write with the color of my blood

94- Quien canta, sus males espanta –

-un dicho

When you sing, you scare the evil away

-A saying

94- Musa bruja, venga.  Cubrese con una sabana y espante mis demonios que a rempujones y a cachetadas me roban la pluma me rompen el sueno.  Musa, misericordia! 

Witch muse, come.  Cover with a sheet and scare my demons that slap me and rob me of my writing pen when I sleep.  Mercy, muse!

Oigame, musa bruja.  Por que huye uste’ en mi cara?  Su grito me desarrolla de mi caracola, me sacude el alma.  Vieja, quitese de aqui con sus alas de navaja.  Ya no me despedaze mi cara.  Vaya con sus piche unas que me desgarran de los ojos hasta los talones.  Vayese a la tiznada.  Que no me coman, le digo, Que no me coman sus nueve dedos canibales.  

Hear me, witch muse.  Why do you run in my face?  Your grit delivers me from my shell, it shakes my soul.  Old woman, get out of here with your wings of razors.  Do not cut my face anymore.  Go tear someone else’s eyes out with your talons.  Go to the blackened.  You will not eat me, I say, you will not eat me with your nine cannibal fingers.

Hija negra de la noche, carnala.  Por que me sacas las tripas, por que cardas mis entradas?  Esta hilvanando palabras con tripas me esta matando.  Jija de la noche vete a la chiganda!

Black daughter of the night, woman cannibal.  Why do you pull out my intestines, why do you beat my insides?  This spilling my guts with words is killing me.  Jija of the night, leave the chingada!

Chingada- “the fucked woman”, referring to the Indian mothers who were raped when the Spaniards conquered America.

95- Cantares mexicanos– Mexican songs.

96- La musa bruja– the witch muse

96- Todo pasaba por esa boca, el viento, el fuego, los mares y la Tierra– Everything passed through that mouth, the wind, the fire, the seas and the Earth.

96- Tlazolteotl, diosa de la cara negra– Tlazolteotl, goddess of the black face

97- Amiguita– girlfriend

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