How Can I Be Expected To Get Over Anyone When Ryan Adams Is Still Not Over Mandy Moore?

Ryan Adams released Prisoner in February 2017, but I just got around to listening to it.  I guess it’s his “first album of original material” since divorcing Mandy Moore in 2015.  I always forget he didn’t *write 1989.  Did you think Taylor Swift’s 1989 was a breakup album?  Well surprise, it totally is.

Prisoner has 12 tracks.  The accompanying b- sides collection has 17.  Each perfectly encapsulates the feeling of really knowing you need to get over someone, but somehow, you can’t.  You are a walking talking functioning member of society on the outside; on the inside, you’re distraught.  Like a house with the inside burned up.  I feel the pain, Ryan Adams.  I feel the pain.

The proper album has better songs.  I kind of let them all blend into one weepy cathartic mess, but standout tracks are “Prisoner”, “Anything I Say To You Now”, and “Do You Still Love Me”.  Ryan said he wanted to channel80’s- era solo Bruce on this album, and Prisoner has definite Tunnel Of Love vibes.  Tunnel Of Love is this bizarre album that’s supposed to be about marital bliss but has an undercurrent of divorce.  And then Bruce actually got divorced.


Unlike Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams did not want to get divorced, but he still nails all the angsty interior monologue/ harmonica shit.  I didn’t want to get divorced either, dude.  Okay, I didn’t get divorced… just dumped.  But they are really on the same spectrum of rejection.

I don’t know what will happen to Ryan Adams now, but I feel emotionally invested.  I guess it’s a year later so maybe I should brush up on my over 40 celebrity rocker gossip.

If someone knows how Ryan is coping, I would love a comment.

Listen to Prisoner when your misery wants company.

Here’s a picture of Ryan and Mandy when they were like happily married or whatever.  Because remember, you lost the person, but you can keep the memories.


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