Throwback Thursday: ELLE Girl Rocks Your Prom A-Z, 2004

I love love LOVED ELLE Girl magazine.  They encouraged girls with the motto “Dare to be Different”.  They had nifty DIY projects, photographed stylish global citizens, and always included a feature on a girl with a cool job- like sushi chef!  They rode the forefront of the indie music craze, featuring rockers like Jack White and Phantom Planet in their annual 50 Hottest Rockers issues.  My ELLE Girl mags are some of my most treasured possessions.  Opening one up transports me back to lazy teenage days discovering music, trying weird DIY beauty treatments (do NOT put mayonnaise in your hair) and reading ELLE Girl on my bedroom floor.

I’m way too old for prom now (unfortunately), but I still thumb through this A-Z guide if I have a big fun night coming up.  Putting a Cliff bar in your clutch?  Genius.  Sprinkling glitter on clear nail polish?  Dazzling.  And I always wanted to rent a classic car instead of a limousine.

Some of the ELLE Girls are preserved on Google Books.  In honor of Prom Month, here is ELLE Girl’s March 2004 Prom Guide, for iconoclasts past, present and future.


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