Music Monday: Take Another Look at New Kanye West Songs “Ye vs. The People” & “Lift Yourself”

I feel that Kanye’s battle with opiods took ice cream scoops out of his brain and he lost a lot of touch with reality after his mama died.  But, he still does some really insightful stuff sometimes.

He has two new songs: “Lift Yourself” and “Ye vs. The People”

“Lift Yourself” is a statement about rap music.  The first two minutes feature a looped sample and some beats; the last 30 seconds consist of Kanye spitting “poop” and a bunch of words that rhyme with “poop”.  He sends a message:  rap lyrics are shit.

I really enjoy Kanye’s total commitment to performance art and total disregard for album art.

On “Ye vs. The People”, T.I. and Kanye discuss Kanye’s political mindset.  I feel like people really get into their camps these days: liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, millennial, baby boomer, whatever.  Interacting with the other camp has become such a pain in the butt that most people just avoid it.  On “Ye vs. The People”, Kanye and T.I. have a real conversation about politics.  Kanye ends by saying, “alright, Tip, we could be rappin’ about this all day, man/ Why don’t we just cut the beat off and let the people talk?”  What Kanye thinks doesn’t matter.  What do we think?

Reference the lyrics here.

He clearly wants to start a conversation, and I think we should.  “Ye vs. The People” uses rap politically a la Hamilton.  It’s too bad the beat is really hard to manage.  And you secretly wish T.I. were Jay-Z.

Kanye puts us in uncomfortable positions.  He says uncomfortable things.  It’s about time for Yeezus to walk again.


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