Music Mondays: Reyna Tropical

The Portland airport has this cute little mini- theater where you can watch videos by Portland artists.

Production team Karina and Marc Ripper (aka Fort Ripper)  filmed the video around Portland, but it looks like Los Angeles.  They filmed at places like Caye’s Aquarium and Palm Scape Plant Nursery in Boring, Oregon (real place).

Reyna Tropical consists of vocalist/ guitarist/ bassist Fabiola Reyna and producer/ hair stylist Sumohair.   Sumohair comes from Mexico and lives in Los Angeles; Reyna has Mexican roots and lives in Portland, where she started the magazine She Shreds.  She Shreds serves female guitarists and bassists.

“Niña” squirmed into my ears and I found myself searching for the track while I boarded the airplane.

This song fits into a genre called alt. Latino.  It’s in Spanish but definitely appeals to my Spanish I skill level.  “La menina con pelo negro”, Fabi sings.  “The girl with black hair.”  Okay.  Got it.  I think.

“Niña” has a lite rasta beat, some clean guitar riffs and a pouring beer sound effect.

Reyna Tropical have a four- track EP, also called Reyna Tropical.  I also really enjoyed “No Me Quieres”.  The entire album has refreshing, breezy Latin American influences.  You can listen on Spotify, BandCamp, or Soundcloud.  Buy it here for $6.

When I started this post, I had no idea Fabiola Reyna was so cool.  Fender, New York Media (the company that owns Vulture and NY Mag) and Reverb did stories about her and She Shreds, which she started at age 25.  She wants to make a documentaries about female guitarists.  This girl is one to watch.


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