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My Biggest Problem With Beyonce

Before you torch me in the comments section for criticizing Queen Beyoncè, hear me out.  I appreciate Beyoncè as an artist, icon and woman.

I have a problem with Beyoncè’s hair.

Or rather, Not Beyoncè’s Hair.  Because whatever Beyoncè has on her head for any given appearance is definitely not her hair.  The hair on her head belongs to someone else.  And while I do not have anything against anyone wearing fake hair (I myself have an account at HairSisters) it does bother me that Beyoncè opts for blonde hair basically all the time.

Destiny’s Child?  Blonde.

Pepsi campaign? Blonde.

Lemonade?  Blonde.  Blonde cornrows, but still blonde.

Superbowl performance?  Blonde.  Coachella performance?  Blonde.  Blonde Shakira hair.

Who has hair like this?

For the record, Shakira doesn’t have blonde hair either.

Beyoncè is not blonde!  She’s black!  And nobody can afford the luxurious blonde hair Beyoncè buys.  Not even actual blondes.

To exacerbate matters, Beyoncè’s little sis Solange makes big natural hair her signature look.

But even Solange copped out and went blonde at Coachella.

So few pictures exist of Beyoncè with her natural hair that for a minute I actually believed she was a black blonde unicorn.  But no, she’s got brown hair, even if you have to go all the way back to her childhood to see it.

I feel if Beyoncè REALLY wanted to empower black women, she’d have more attainable hair.

That’s it.

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