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Ryan Reynolds Buys A Gin Distillery And Replaces Employees With Robots

People worship Ryan Reynolds because he basically created Deadpool, a superhero that says the f- word and bangs chicks. Being the coolest superhero is kind of like being the tallest eighth grader.  You’re still only in eighth grade. Anyways, the rogue Canadian bought Aviation Gin in Portland, Oregon and laid off a bunch of the … Continue reading

Music Mondays: Reyna Tropical

Music Mondays: Reyna Tropical

The Portland airport has this cute little mini- theater where you can watch videos by Portland artists. Production team Karina and Marc Ripper (aka Fort Ripper)  filmed the video around Portland, but it looks like Los Angeles.  They filmed at places like Caye’s Aquarium and Palm Scape Plant Nursery in Boring, Oregon (real place). Reyna … Continue reading