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Spotify For Movies: The Best Streaming Solution

Imagine this:  All the movies, TV, and motion picture content owned by ANYONE, all available on ONE streaming platform.  You can watch it all, either for free with a shitton of ads, or with Premium service priced at $20- $50 a month.  The service includes all content more than one year old.  Users can purchase new releases for current market prices ($3.99 for a movie, $1.99 for an episode).  After a year, the movies and TV shows become part of the catalog, AND THEY NEVER GO AWAY.  Studios make money from stream counts, rentals, and subscriptions.


  • We don’t have to mess with 10 different streaming services to watch the content we w
  • We don’t have to mess with sketchy peer- to- peer sharing or pirated streaming sites, where this concept basically already exists.
  • We vote with our streams, thereby encouraging studios to produce content with re-watch value.


  • They still get the big bucks from box office.  I once knew a studio exec who called all profits after box office “gravy” anyway.  This offering thickens the gravy.  They even get to capitalize on popularity through the rental fee.
  • Ideally, this service reduces pirating, which studios hate, right?  (Tbh, I don’t think they really care, because of the gravy thing, but they have to at least pretend).
  • Studio operations continue as usual in a free market way.  As long as Disney doesn’t buy everyone.

Don’t worry!  It’s not a monopoly!  All the big players still exist.

Netflix becomes the studio they always dreamed of and joins the party.  They currently have the most seamless streaming service; no doubt, they can offer some tech. This model allows Netflix to re- corner the market on virtual rentals.

Hulu offers live TV.  This service exists more for people who want to watch The Wedding Planner every weekend, but technology has rendered our DVDs useless.

Like it?  Write your local congressperson.  And by congressperson, I mean Bob Iger.

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