New Music Monday: Chill Times with Sting & Shaggy

I put the new Sting and Shaggy song, “Don’t Make Me Wait” on a playlist for a friend.

“I’m never expecting it,” she said.

Most people would say the same.  Who expects Sting, adult contemporary legend, to team up with Shaggy, 90’s staple responsible for “Angel” and “It Wasn’t Me”?  But, like peanut butter and chocolate or grilled cheese and guacamole, it works.

“Don’t Make Me Wait” got a terrible introduction at the  Grammys.  James Corden, Sting and Shaggy did a painful staged bit where the three went busking on a New York subway filled with actors playing foul- mouthed, impatient New Yorkers.  If you hit Fast Forward, you missed the best part: the song!  “Don’t Make Me Wait” feels like floating on a raft on a hot Caribbean day while your sexy lover stands on the shore.  Sting brings Police-y reggae and sultry harmonies to Shaggy’s throaty Jamaican vocals.  On March 9, they released another mellow single: “Morning is Coming”.  Try it with your banana pancakes.  The singles give a taste of the duo’s upcoming album,  44/876.

I put “Don’t Make Me Wait” on all my playlists.  I don’t care if these guys are old.  Good music is good music and they made some good music.

Look for 44/876 on 4/20.  I predict an perfect album for smoking, sailing and slacking off.



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