Heroes of Cable: TRON Legacy

2010 | 2 hours 7 minutes | Dir. Joseph Kosinski | Disney

I watch TRON: Legacy every time I see it on TV.  This happens at least twice a year, usually while at the gym, and I get hooked.  Even if I have something better to do, I tune in for TRON.  It has great style, a social conscious, and action to spare.


Sam Flynn (Garett Hedlund), brilliant bad boy billionaire, never quite figured life out after his dad Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) got sucked into his own computer program in 1982.  The same thing happens to Sam and he has to find a way to save his dad- and himself- from the universe they programmed.


It stars Garett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde.  If we lived in a society with movie stars, these kids would cut it.  They are beautiful and talented and magnetic to watch.

The scene where Sam goes to the old arcade and blasts Journey’s “Separate Ways” has some of the best sound editing of any movie ever.  The movie got a Sound Editing Oscar nomination.

The soundtrack by Daft Punk kicks ass.  I like listening to it when I drive in the rain.  Put “Derezzed”, “End of Line”, and “End Titles” on your next playlist.

You can escape to a sleek, futuristic world with cool motorcycles and light- up Aerobes.  Nothing explodes- it derezzes, into a flash of disconnected pixels.  As a kind- of kids movie, TRON: Legacy has plenty of action, suspense, and surprise.

You get to see Jeff Bridges with and without a beard.  Zen Kevin is basically The Dude.

They clearly made the whole thing on a green screen, but it still looks spectacular.  After almost 10 years, the sets and special effects look just as sleek as a Marvel movie’s.


The original Tron was way ahead of its time, and TRON: Legacy was ahead of its time, too.  Both movies deal with the risks of putting too much of ourselves in technology: the technology owns us.  Westworld, Ex Machina, and Black Mirror explores this theme.  TRON: Legacy gets a lot more interesting if you know a thing or two about computers.  The programs seek to destroy the users and the “God” figure is trapped by his own creations (the programs).  The more I learn about computers, the better the movie gets.  Unfortunately, most people do not know anything about computers, and did not “get” the movie.  The movie provides plenty of razzle- dazzle for those people, though.

This movie also came from a period when Disney made badass science fiction films with a social conscience.  They made Wall-E, John Carter, and Tomorrowland around this time, too.  TRON reminds us that science fiction movies can be smart, stylish, and entertaining.




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