Bishop Briggs: Angry White Girl with Pipes

I dig Bishop Briggs, but I always forget her name.

I remember her deep, rich, properly trained vocals.  I remember her brooding, dramatic songs.  I remember her spunky pigtail buns.

But every time I search for her on Spotify, I forget her name!  I know her first and last name start with the same letter, but “Bishop Briggs” doesn’t exactly scream “powerful female singer”.  “Bishop Briggs” sounds like an old British postmaster.  Or, you know, a Bishop.  Briggs does come from the UK; her parents named her Sarah Grace McLaughlin.  I understand why she doesn’t go by Sarah McLaughlin.

Briggs’ prodigious pipes draw comparisons to Adele and Florence + The Machine, but to be honest, I thought of neither of those women when I first heard her stuff.  I thought of Christina Aguilera’s “Stronger”.  Bishop makes more pop- forward music than Florence and Adele, and has a much harder edge.  Her vocals aren’t even necessarily the most arresting parts of her songs.  Crushing bass, passionate lyrics and unexpected sound effects hook me.  I love her songs “River”, “Dream” and “Never Tear Us Apart”. You might recognize “Never Tear Us Apart” from the Fifty Shades Freed commercials.

I love this lyric, from “Dream”:

“I wanna wake up where your love is
‘Cause your love is always waking mine
I wanna break down where your heart gets
So torn it’s almost breaking mine”

I do not love “White Flag”, her latest.  It feels too Taylor Swift Reputation-y and saying “give up the fight” four times fast doesn’t work for me.  Also:  Can someone please explain to me what this is?

Is it a sex toy?  An eggbeater?  WHAT IS IT?  If you know, please leave a comment.

Listen to the bodacious Bishop here.



2 comments on “Bishop Briggs: Angry White Girl with Pipes

  1. salty sardine

    angry white girl/…sounds likes something a salty sardine would say..

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