I can see Taylor Swift’s Concert for Under $50 and I Don’t Even Want to

When I wrote this article, tickets to Taylor Swift’s May tour date in Pasadena cost $42 on StubHub.

I almost did not even write this article, because it has felt so. Nice. Not to hear about Taylor Swift.

Tay Tay dropped her 6th album Reputation in October, in keeps with her Grammy nabbing schedule.  Then, Taylor slipped into her foxhole.  She did a few TV performances to promote the album.  She adopted a strict No- Interview policy.  When she did appear on camera, she looked like her mom.  Allegedly, Taylor has been hoarding real estate and cozying up with BF Joe Alwyn.  The two have NOT been officially photographed together, although paparazzi did snag this photo:

I love this quote from Amanda at

What I’m trying to say is, Taylor looks really healthy with her new look. And there’s probably good reason for that: when people happy and in a relationship, they tend to gain weight.

Suddenly you have someone to drink with all the time, take you out to dinner, and sex you good whether or not you feel a little bloated. So according to this information, my body looks like I should be married to like, 10 very un-picky dudes right now.

Yea.  She looks good.

 Taylor finally yielded her catalog to Spotify in 2018.  I listened to Reputation a couple times after Christmas, when Spotify released it, but had little interest.  The line “younger than my exes but he act like such a man, so/ I see nothing better, I keep him forever” pretty much ended it for me.  Taylor is really way too white upper class for that kind of grammar.

If you follow this blog, you followed my path from die- hard Swifty to burned former fan.  Taylor’s capitalist greed turned me against her.  Taylor lives for two things: royalties and Grammys.  When asked which song she wished she’d written, she responded, “The Friends theme, for the royalties.”  In 2015-2016, I maintained this post, Taylor Swift Is Losing It.  Has Taylor Swift finally lost it?

I can understand Taylor not knowing what to do in 2018.  The world is transitioning.  Taylor, once the most powerful force in pop, had a great position to use her voice to affect positive change in women’s rights.  Instead, she counter- sued a radio DJ for touching her butt and reported for jury duty.  Congratulations, Taylor.  You’re a decent American citizen.

Maybe Taylor wants out.  She has nine mansions, a billion dollars a boo thang.  What else could a girl want?

Regardless, Reputation don’t impress me much.  I still hope someday Taylor decides to use all her money and power to affect some positive change in this world.  But until then, enjoy the charmed life, TaySway.


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