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HBO GO vs. HBO NOW: What’s The Difference?

HBO has hit shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Insecure, and Big Little Lies.  They also offer big movies like Wonder Woman and Get Out, updated weekly.  But what is the stinking difference between HBO GO and HBO Now?

HBO GO: Part of your cable subscription.  If you get HBO as a channel on your TV, you can register with credentials from your cable company and watch HBO on phone, tablet, or computer.  It’s free, if you already pay for HBO through cable.  The interface looks a bit different from HBO Now but it’s essentially the same thing.  I think it targets older customers, since they usually have cable subscriptions.

HBO NOW:  Stand- alone streaming service you can purchase for $15 a month.  It’s similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime.  The user interface is pretty, but the server stinks.

HBO’s marketing team should really consider renaming their urgent- sounding services.

You can also watch HBO through Hulu, Amazon or Vue.  More on that later!

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