Listen to the Best Tracks on BØRNS’ New Album Blue Madonna

Blue Madonna | 2018 | Interscope Records |41 minutes

BØRNS released Blue Madonna in January.  The album follows Dopamine, his very sexy 2015 album.  Dopamine spawned the singles “Electric Love“, “American Money“, and “Past Lives”, all of which featured prominently in movies and TV such as Girls and Nerve.  Go music supervisors!

Blue Madonna doesn’t quite capture Dopamine‘s magic.  He tries out hip- hop and trap beats and sings with Lana Del Rey, which should be fabulous, but the track gets boring.  Even the wacky album art, where BØRNS poses among a smattering of thrift store finds in a room with absolutely no natural light, falls flat.

Granted, by itself, it’s a pretty solid album.  BØRNS has a crazy- magical voice and Blue Madonna has upbeat, festival- ready tracks.  He created something to which the non discerning listener could really get down.  The problem?  Dopamine was just so.  Damn.  Good.

A few tracks get there.  “Sweet Dreams” has an ethereal bedroom quality, “I Don’t Want You Back” captures the cheeky essence of the album’s attempted breakup concept, and “Man” will surely end up in a car commercial somewhere.  On the other hand, “Iceberg” sounds like “Oil Spill“, the Tori Amos spoof song from Bob’s Burgers.

For BØRNS, Blue Madonna represents something on- brand that will keep him relevant, but falls short of anything truly original.  Listen to it when you’re painting, planning, or stretching.

Listen on Spotify or YouTube.

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