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Happy International Women’s Day! Here Are Six Ways To Support Women Here & Worldwide

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

International Women’s Day officially started in 1917 in Soviet Russia when women got suffrage.  It became a national holiday.  In 1975, the United Nations adopted it.

Google has a neat little doodle up here, where 12 female artists tell their stories.  My favorite was Ntsoaki’s Victory”, about an African girl who tamed lions with her dancing and wowed the men in her village.

Here in America, women enjoy more freedoms than women in many other parts of the world.  Even here, it’s been less than 100 years since since women won the right to vote.  I am very proud to live in a world that celebrates International Women’s Day.  We are all people first.  I hope one day, we all have the right to be who we are without fear.

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Here are my goals for women:

  1. Let women lead.  So often, women are passed up for management positions (or even any position) based solely on the social expectation that men make better leaders.  This is bullshit!
  2. Recognize social intelligence as a good thing.  Historically, scientists have said women have greater social intelligence, and men have greater logical intelligence.  This may or may not be a social construct, but guess what?  Social intelligence is a good thing.  We’re basically mind readers.  We can navigate interpersonal relationships with great finesse.  Which, obviously, makes us great leaders.
  3. Give at least six months paid maternity leave for men AND women.  Baby times are crucial times.  If we want to affect change, we have to nurture future generations.  I’d like to see companies take the focus off the bottom line a put people first.  Without human capital, businesses have nothing.  So take care of your employees!
  4. Widespread access to birth control.  The main difference between women and men remains a woman’s ability to reproduce.  Women worldwide should have the right to decide when they want to start a family.  Men have been knocking up women as a system of oppression for generations.  It ends now!
  5. Cut the cattiness.  Women are catty.  We love gossip.  Blame it on social intelligence.

 Compliment a woman today.  Not her outfit.  Not her accessories.  Compliment her.

Wanna make a change?  Get involved with these organizations:

CARE has women- centered, community-based efforts to improve basic education, increase access to quality health care and expand economic opportunity in 94 countries.

Amnesty International campaigns for equal rights on a global scale.

Heifer International makes women the center of economic and social empowerment projects through livestock development.

Got money? The Malala Fund, founded by the famous Malala, works to bring education to girls worldwide.

Wanna help out at home?  Volunteer at The Boys and Girls Clubs of America to make a positive impact in a girl’s life.

It’s even better to volunteer on a local scale.  Look up “mentorship programs near me” for ways to act.

And, of course, you can always protest.  Official list of events here.

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