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New Study Reports Disneyland Pays Employees Peanuts

A survey conducted by e nonprofit Economic Roundtable and employee labor unions  found that 85% of 5,000 surveyed employees are not paid a living wage.

Here are some other statistics from the survey:

  • More than 85% of union workers at Disneyland earn less than $15 an hour.
  • 1 in 10 report being homeless at some point in the last two years.
  • The job at Disneyland is the primary source of income for 91% of workers, but full-time employment is provided to only 54% of workers.
  • 64% of employees report that “the scheduling of my work at the Disneyland Resort makes it difficult to find a second job.”
  • In 2017, the LA Times reported The Walt Disney Co. secured subsidies, incentives, rebates and protections from future taxes from the city of Anaheim that would be worth more than $1 billion.  You can read all about Disneyland’s collusion with the City of Anaheim here.
  • From 2007-2016, Disneyland’s attendance grew 21%, ticket prices grew 59%, and revenue grew 98%.
  • If the Fox deal goes through, Disney CEO Bob Iger will make $162.5 million in 2018. That equals the total yearly pay of twice the amount of people who took this survey.
  • Disneyland charges up to $117 a day for park admission, more than the average surveyed employee makes in a day after taxes.

According to Disneyland, the park employed 65,000 employees in 2005.  They do not endorse the survey.  Should you believe this survey?

I considered employment at Disney in 2014.  They offered $11 an hour and an erratic 20-35 hour/week schedule with no benefits.  I passed.

Disneyland is awesome.  It left my price range about three years ago.  Now I only go if I’m an ABC employee’s +1.

Disney is one of the most beloved family brands in the world.  They make upwards of $8 billion a year, much of it from consumers like us.  They should set the bar for employee satisfaction. Disney sells magical, wholesome family entertainment… and does shit like this.

Don’t let Disney brainwash you.  Don’t go to Disneyland.  The City of San Diego is just as magical.

I read this in the Los Angeles Times.  They published  article in Op- Ed.





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