The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale Is The Soup And It Is Still Delightful

With The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale, E!’s cult clip show moves to Netflix.

The Soup aired on E! from 2004 to 2015.  It thrived during the reality TV bonanza that followed the 2007 Writer’s Strike.  E! eventually cancelled the show for making too much fun of the Kardashians and costing too much to produce.

The Soup rebooted Talk Soup, a clip show that ran on E! in the 90’s and featured hosts Greg Kinnear and Aisha Taylor.

Both Soups were loved by many.

E! wants you to know they did NOT license The Soup brand.  The Joel McHale show got none of the trademarks:  no logos, no Mankini.  But they got everything else:  snarky jokes, guest stars, shitty Flash animations, clippy clippy goodness, Ryan Seacrest jokes.

The Joel McHale Show even has some extra stuff, like two cameras.  We really only need one.  We don’t need to know the show was filmed in Netflix’s armpit.  Also:  Why the shitty office hall set?  Did E! trademark fake talk show sets?  There’s a difference between sloppy and snarky.  We prefer the latter.

The Joel McHale Show also includes international clips (brilliant) and viral videos (no thanks, that’s what YouTube is for).  Watch the pilot if only for the montage of K-drama car accidents.

Some of you might want to hate The Joel McHale Show because you like to hate Netflix.  Don’t.  Joel McHale hired original Soup writers Boyd Vito, Brad Stevens and Dominic DeLeo (aka Mankini) for the reboot.  Netflix gave them a place to do their thing in return for some lame endorsements.  The Soup did plenty of shameless promoting for E! back in the day, too.  Netflix reboots can feel like watered down shams, but   The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale feels authentically  Soupy- and authentically funny.  We need to laugh at our stupid stupid world right now.  Well done, gang.

Netflix releases one episode weekly.  They bought 13 episodes.

If you loved The Soup or just need a good reason to laugh, take in some Soup.  I mean Joel McHale Show.



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