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We Have A Podcast!

Attention sexy passengers!  We at Critic of Everything have created a podcast so we can practice producing and spout all of our opinions into your lovely audio receptors.

We will be covering how pop culture affects American life and vice versa.  We will also we highlighting MEDIA THAT MATTERS- ie high quality shit.

We’re new at this, but we’d love feedback.  If you’re a blogger- turned- podcaster with tips to share or if you want to contribute a topic or item to our show, connect with us!  We have comments.  We have Twitter.  We have DMs.  We have links in our descriptions, but we’ll also be posting Podcast Companions to accompany our episodes.

Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

THE CRITICS (left to right)

Nat is the sister of Robyn (far right) and founder of this blog.  She loves campy movies, music videos, and information.  She believes media has a tremendous amount of power over the masses and wants to see it used for good, not greed.

Kaija is a Houston native currently living in Portugal.  She brings the black/international perspective.  She is here to crack the whip on content that is old and tired in favor of fresh, up- and- coming stories and content creators.

Robyn is an industry insider with a background in music and music publishing.  She believes movies and media have the capacity to make us smarter and has some tips for media that doesn’t.  She loves Drake.



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