7 Reasons People Think The Killers Are British


Many people think The Killers, who have a new album and tour, are British.

They’re not.  But, here’s why you might be confused:

1. Brandon Flowers sings almost all of Hot Fuss with a British accent.  Just listen to the way he sings, “it’s killing meh” on Mr. Brightside.

2. Lots of indie pop- punk bands from the early 2000’s were British, including, but not limited to: The Kaiser Chiefs, The Futureheads, Franz Ferdinand, Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys, Keane, and The Editors.  Basically all of them.

3. Early on, Sir Elton John championed the band’s music.  Sir Elton is British (and a knight!)

4. Their first live album and concert movie was recorded at Royal Albert Hall.

Royal Albert Hall is, in fact, in England.

6. Brandon’s iconic Dior feather jacket retired to the Hard Rock Cafe in London.

7. The British love ’em.  The Killer’s singles routinely top the UK charts, while in the US the singles usually peak somewhere in the bottom half of the top 50.  Ironically, some of their overseas success comes from The Killer’s thoroughly American representation.  They sing about cowboys, America, and the desert.  Europeans love that shit.

If you haven’t listened to The Killers in a while, check out their new album, Wonderful Wonderful.  On tour now and for most of 2018.  Get tickets here.

They’re from Las Vegas, btw.


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