I Broke My Foot And Binged This Show: GLOW (Official Soundtrack Included)

I was supposed to spend the next 10 days hiking around Israel.  Then I broke my foot.  So I did what any self- respecting human should do under house arrest: live vicariously through TV.

Starting with GLOW, the Netflix hit about female wrestlers in the 80’s.  GLOW is inspired by the real- life Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling- check out their awesome intros here.  Each episode clocks in around 30 minutes.  You could watch the whole season in six hours.  Which I did.  Time well spent.

Play the generic but fun soundtrack at your next roller disco.


  • The insufferably determined Ruth, played by Allison Brie.  If you’re wondering who this is because she has such a generic white girl name, you’d remember her from How To Be Single, Community and I guess Mad Men.  Ruth fucks up and sleeps with her best friend’s husband.  She spends the entire season trying to prove and redeem herself to Debbie, the woman wronged.

  • A diverse cast of extraordinary women.  Usually, this many women in one place becomes an estrogen overload.  Maybe it’s because these women need extra testosterone for wrestling, but they all balance each other out nicely and no one is too annoying.  My favorites: Jenny from Malaysia (Knives from Scott Pilgrim!) , Carmen, the wrestling legacy, and sexy Brittanica (played by Kate Nash).

  • Racist jabs.  The 80’s epitomized prejudice.  Racism, sexism, homophobia, you name it.  GLOW makes scathing tongue- in cheek commentary. Since we stumbled into the age of “Make America Great Again” (again), we must learn from this mockery. For example, Beruit, the “terrorist” persona played by an Indian girl, came from real-life “Palestinia”.   There’s a black “Welfare Queen”.  Not OK.  But 80’s accurate.

  • The running Back to the Future joke.  I won’t ruin this one for you, but it stems from the director character’s horrible unproduced script.  Golden moment of the show, if you ask me.
  • 80’s aesthetic.  You will wonder where they found so many old cars and leotards.  This is retro done right- no one could confuse GLOW for present day.  That’s the difference between ABC and Netflix, I guess.

  • Debbie’s white pants.  There’s no way Betty Gilpin ever had a baby.


  • Ruth’s haircut.  Oh my God it is terrible.  Thank goodness she shoves it under an ushanka the last two episodes.

  • Not enough glam wrestling!  Season 1 centers around GLOW’s pilot.  The girls spend a lot of time training, but not a lot of time wrestling. We get a sneak peak in Episode 1 and everyone runs around in sweat socks until the finale.  I expected more smackdowns from the promos.

  • The wrestlers, um, aren’t very good.  This is the point, I understand.  But…. wrestling is fake.  Which is always kind of a bummer when you think about it.
  • The plot line involving one of the girls being the director’s daughter.  Weird.  Not necessary.  And that girl didn’t even wrestle.


Girls, Orange is the New Black, the 80s, other Netflix Shows

Soundtrack link in case the one above doesn’t work for ya:

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