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Bachelor in the Bayou: Season 21 Ep 5 Recap


This episode’s theme: Taylor vs. Corinne. I gotta hand it to Corinne.  She said she would “school” that crack mental health counselor and she totally did.

  1. First, she threw a bunch of bullshit in Taylor’s face, and Taylor sat there and listened.  She even tried responding, which made her look dumb.  Corinne knew how dumb she sounded! Then Corinne walked away.  Corinne, 1.  Taylor, 0.
  2. Corinne actually took everyone’s advice.  She cleaned up her sex kitten act, formed some relationships in the house, and actually got people to side with her versus Taylor.  Nice!
  3.  Nick called her “mature”.  Bazinga!

Corinne The Bachelor Season 21

  1. Corinne called Taylor a bully.  Ladies, this is the best card you can ever play.  A true bully will never admit they bullied you.  Also, lots of bullies become guidance counselors.  Corinne, 4: Taylor, 0.
  2. Corinne is fun and Taylor kind of sucks.  Bye Taylor!


  • Nick traps the girls in a haunted house and they all freak the eff out


  • Rachel and Nick have the only one on one date in Bachelor history I have not wanted to sleep through

Nick and Rachel Cafe Du Monde New Orleans Kiss

  • Corinne and Taylor visit a voodoo priestess in the swamp
  • Nick chases Alexis around the house wearing a Nicolas Cage mask
  • Eliminations: Astrid, Sarah and Taylor

This episode was WEIRD.  ABC definitely went Bizarre New Orleans.  Next time, stick to the Hurricanes and riverboats, ABC.

The Bachelor Rachel Nick Second Line New Orleans


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