The Bachelor Season 21, Episode 4 Recap: Bachelor and the Bovines

Nick The Bachelor Cows Date Fam

Nick drags the girls to Wisconsin.  Everybody hates Corinne.  Nick has an adorable 15- person family.  Raven describes the time she beat the shit out of her ex- boyfriend for cheating.  Milwaukee looks nice AF.

In case you’re wondering, Corinne’s “multi million dollar company” belongs to her parents.  They put roofs and floors on things.  Pretty legit, considering I expected her business to involve rhinestone dog collars or some shit.  Corinne compares herself to a juicy, luscious ear of corn.


The only thing you really need to know is that Alexis “Left Shark” Waters believes in aliens and thinks Raven might abduct her.  Girl, you need to meet MacKenzie from Season 19!

Alexis Waters The Bachelor

But seriously: This marks the second time producers used Nick and Alexis’  one- on- one time in the credits.  This girl is hilarious.  I’m rooting for you, Alexis!

The Bachelor Nick Alexis Dolphin Trainer Left Shark

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