Best Tracks on Miranda Lambert “The Weight of These Wings”

Miranda Lambert the Weight of These Wings Album Cover High Res

2016 | RCA Nashville | 1 hour 32 minutes

On November 18 Miranda Lambert released 24- track double album “The Weight of These Wings”.  The 33- year- old divorced Blake Shelton in June 2015; Shelton started dating The Voice costar Gwen Stefani.  Lambert is currently not taking interviews. I think she’s a badass.  Who cares if she’s not taking interviews?  She recorded 24 songs.

Miranda Lambert Plays Guitar 2016

That said, she probably didn’t need an hour and a half to say what she needed to say.  The double album hits its stride around “Getaway Driver” and loses it after “Things That Break”.  The Weight Of These Wings paints a picture of a complex, conflicted, not- so- young woman, but some of the songs feel cheap or tired.

Here are the best: “Highway Vagabond”, “Getaway Driver”, “Vice”, “Smoking Jacket”, “Pushin’ Time”, “Use My Heart”, “Things That Break”, “Keeper of the Flame”.

Disc I: The Nerve

2. “Highway Vagabond”- Easily one of the best songs on the album.  The perfect loop to play on repeat during a cross- country road trip, particularly one that includes Texas.  You can practically hear the dust on the road.  However, I heard Miranda and her band perform this song at the Macy’s Parade, and it definitely works better as a recording.

7. “Getaway Driver”- The press gives attention to “Pushin’ Time”, Miranda’s duet with beau Anderson East, but I find their co- write “Getaway Driver” much stronger.  Then again, I’m a sucker for sad Springsteen-y songs.

8. “Vice”- The album’s first single, with good reason.

9. “Smoking Jacket”- “I want a man with a smoking jacket/ And he lights his matches with kerosine” Lambert sings on this sexy slow burn.

10. “Pushin’ Time”- Dubbed Lambert’s sorry- not- sorry “apology” piece.  It’s still sweet, sentimental and retirement- ready out of context.

12. “Use My Heart”- “I don’t have the nerve to use my heart” she sings in her thesis and end of Part I, “The Nerve.”  Enter Part II, “The Heart.”

Disc II: The Heart

3. “Things That Break”- “I stay away from things that break” she sings on this extended metaphor for hearts.

8. “Keeper of the Flame”- I call this Miranda’s “Long Live” track.  Taylor Swift put “Long Live” on her album Speak Now as an arena- ready battle anthem that pays homage to her own badassery.  Ditto “Keeper of the Flame”.

Worst Songs: “Pink Sunglasses”, “For The Birds”, “Ugly Lights”, “Good Ol’ Days”, “Well Rested”

They’re not bad songs, but we’ve heard some version of them (“Old Sh*t”, “Little Red Wagon”, “Sunday In The South”) from Lambert already.

Check out this super thorough Rolling Stone article for songwriting creds.

Miranda Lambert's Airstream



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