DNCE Album Review: If You Really Like The Jonas Brothers & Wish They Never Broke Up

DNCE Breakfast Club

If you ever wondered who was responsible for all the random crap on the Jonas Brothers records (eg “get off that cake!”, “Lovebug”), it was Joe.

DNCE album cover

The former JoBro singer joined forces with his drummer Jack Lawless, cute Korean guitarist JinJoo Lee, and bassist Cole Whittle to make “feel- good music for dark times”.   Even though Jonas sings, everyone brings something fresh.  JinJoo has just the right touch of K-Pop, perfect for pop band that uses synth sparingly.

DNCE made a high- energy and hilarious album.  Despite abundant quirks (like the lyric “Red Rover, Red Rover/ I bring those kisses over”, dialogue like “you forgot the A!”  and the sound of a whip on “Mean To Me”), none of the tracks particularly offended me.  DNCE nails that pop- funk magic Bruno Marks is currently grasping at.  Any given track on DNCE is more fun than the last 10 songs you heard on hit radio.  Only fault?  I wish they’d included “Jinx”, the soft song on their EP featuring kazoos (!).  It’s on the Target exclusive.

Even though I love Nick J, I prefer DNCE’s playful pop- rock to Nick’s oversexualized R&B.  Both of these boys seriously rebounded after that whole Purity Ring deal.  But I think Joe has a healthier outlook.

Best Tracks:  Cake by the Ocean, Naked, Body Moves, Pay My Rent, Zoom


Listen to DNCE when you’re getting ready for a fun night with friends, trying on all your sparkly outfits, or at the gym but not in the mood to work out.  I flipped this on one day when I fully intended to zone out at the lazy bike and wound up in high gear for the whole album.

DNCE collage




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