“Keith” and the Amazing Disappearing Love Scene

Keith Movie Poster

I love Keith.  It’s probably one of my favorite movies.  It’s simple and understated, painfully realistic, and based on a short story from The Hotel Eden by Ron Carlson.  Keith stars Jesse McCartney and Elizabeth Harnois as high school seniors with two very different outlooks on life.  Keith has all the heart- wrenching romance of a Nicholas Sparks movie without the all the sap.  It’s also the only movie I’ve ever seen that captures the pressure of high school AP tests in such vivid detail.

Keith goes on and off Netflix.  There’s a love scene about 3/4 through.  And mysteriously, this love scene gets shorter and shorter every time Netflix puts the movie back up.  The latest version has nothing more than some awkwardly displaced audio and some even more awkward shots of Keith’s truck.  The sloppy editing almost ruins the entire movie.  What gives, Netflix?

Thankfully, someone uploaded this video of the full scene in 2009, before Netflix developed a fear of intimacy.  This is the original scene.


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