Album Spotlight: Regina Spektor Remember Us To Life

Regina Spektor Remember Us To Life

On September 30th, Regina Spekton released her 5th album, Remember Us To Life.  The album comes after 2012’s What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, another adorably titled album.  You probably know Miss Spektor from her contributions to the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack, her single “Fidelity“, or the Orange is the New Black opening titles.

Her story goes like this: Regina and her family moved from Soviet Russia to New York City in 1989.  Piano became Regina’s prodigy of choice, and she grew up listening to classical music exclusively.

“If someone recorded me singing my thoughts in the shower, it would sound like Regina Spektor,” a friend once said.  Regina  doesn’t write songs.  She writes musical stories, train- of- thought symphonies, odes to audacity.  Some of her songs might sing to your soul, and some might give you brain aneurysms.  But she crafts all with unbridled passion for everything from Humans of the Year to cigarette butts.

Remember Us To Life doesn’t reinvent Regina Spekor.  It simply provides more of her darling diddies and divine reflections on life.  It represents another portrait of the dreamer, the poet, the pianist, the Regina Spekor.

I’m in love.  Again.

Listen to this when you need a new outlook on life, or just want to appreciate what you’ve lived so far.

Regina Spektor


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