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Listen to the Nerve Soundtrack + Song List

Nerve High Definition Science Fiction
Nerve had one of those hilarious soundtracks where the lyrics describe exactly what’s happening on screen.  The soundtrack featured a mix of synth pop and old school jams.  Lionsgate made you a nice Spotify playlist here.  It’s called #WatcherOrPlayer Playlist:
And you can check the scene descriptions over at WhatSong and SoundtrackMania.
Soundtrack listing in order of appearance:
  1. Can’t Get Enough
    Performed by Basenji
  2. Kamikaze
    Performed by MØ
  3. Get Down
    Performed by Jess Kent
  4. Soap
    Performed by Melanie Martinez
  5. I Don’t Dream
    Performed by Sweetmates
  6. Darken The Door
    Performed by Crystal Stilts
  7. Since I Don’t Have You
    Performed by The Skyliners
  8. You Got It
    Performed by Roy Orbison
  9. Baby Bunny Sugar Honey
    Performed by Swamp Dogg
  10. Electric Love
    Performed by BØRNS
  11. Into The Night
    Performed by Benny Mardones
  12. Ride
    Performed by Lowell feat. Icona Pop
  13. Give One More Chance
    Performed by Diplomats of Solid Sound
  14. C.R.E.A.M.
    Performed by Wu-Tang Clan
  15. Hurricane (Arty Remix)
    Performed by Halsey
  16. Invertebrate
    Performed by Darke Complex
  17. Black Belts
    Written by Hal Williams
  18. Mega Secrets
    Performed by Family Portrait
  19. Deep Down Low (VIP Remix)
    Performed by Valentino Khan
  20. Bender
    Performed by Bro Safari
  21. Basically
    Performed by Tei Shi
  22. Okay
    Performed by Holy Ghost!
  23. Head Down Low
    Performed by Alex Winston
  24. Give Me More
    Performed by Grandtheft
  25. Crime Cutz
    Performed by Holy Ghost!
  26. Forget It
    Performed by Blood Orange
  27. Lucky I Got What I Want
    Performed by Jungle
  28. The Sun’s Gone Dim And The Sky’s Turned Black (Nerve Remix)
    Written and Performed by Jóhann Jóhannsson

3 comments on “Listen to the Nerve Soundtrack + Song List

  1. This is great. Thanks for this! 👍🏻

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