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Praise Jesus!  Nashville (the TV show) has been saved!  After winding up on ABC’s chopping block, CMT and Hulu renewed- nay, RESCUED- the show for a 22 episode fifth season.

I adored Nashville, but CMT and Hulu have some serious dirt to clean up.  In season four we learned how much the Nashville writers truly hate their jobs (step one: get new writers!).  The season finale left many characters in uncomfortable lurches.  I wrote a How To Fix Nashville guide back in May.  Some prayers have been answered (Layla Grant, played by Aubrey Peeples, did not renew her contract! BYE LAYLA!).  Others hang in limbo.  Here’s how the new Nashville can keep its audience happy and, more importantly, watching:

  1. Kill Cash.  I don’t even care how at this point.  Make it quick, clean and painless so she NEVER COMES BACK AGAIN.
  2. Give Juliette a break.  Everything bad happened to this girl… before she turned 16.  Go torture someone else.  Like Maddie, for instance.
  3. Give Maddie a reality check and reunite her with her adorable sister.
  4. Probably get rid of Deacon too.  He sucks.
  5. Obviously, add more cute boys.

Hopefully Season 5 will feature some more great music and keep showing off those talented singer/ songwriters.  Just without the hand- wringing, pit- of- despair, all- is- lost drama.

Nashville comes to CMT and Hulu this fall, air date TBD.




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