Album Spotlight: Chris Carmack Pieces of You EP + Slideshow

pieces of you EP Chris Carmack

2015 | Self- Produced | 20 minutes

Ah, Chris Carmack.  Abercrombie model, boy toy of Julie Cooper on the OC, groundbreaking gay cowboy on Nashville.  Who knew you’d cut such a swell EP?

Carmack has recorded some of my favorite songs for the Nashville soundtracks over the last four years, and now he has a 5- song EP.  I’m calling it easy listening.  You’ll catch a little of Will Lexington’s country twang, but this EP has a more adult contemporary vibe.

Carmack represents the rare breed of male singer- songwriter.  Currently, we have Ed Sheeran repping, but even Sheeran flirts with hip hop.  Country might be a good launch point for Carmack (he played at Stagecoach), but I could hear him on adult contemporary and even jazz radio.  He has a very versatile sound.

When Carmack first got an Instagram he posted pictures of a self- built guitar.  His appreciation for the instrument shows.  His clear voice, clear licks and fancy finger work help the tracks sound clean, crisp and refreshing, like a cold drink on a dusty vineyard.

The album begins and ends on reflective notes.  “Being Alone” and “Pieces of You” harken to heartbreak, while middle tracks “What Has Changed” and “Always Mine” have lighter vibes.  But, like most singer- songwriters, Carmack’s music thrives on drama.   “Pieces of You”, a melancholy breakup track, is strongest.  “Being Alone” casts being single in a somber light (“They tell me realize my freedom when I’m on my own/ but there’s nothing free about being alone”).

Put this on when you want something nice and keep it on loop.  I listened to it twice on a 40 mile drive through the country.

If You Like: John Mayer, Colbie Callait, James Taylor, Vince Gill

Best Tracks: Being Alone, Pieces of You

Can’t get enough Chris?  Check his career from Abercrombie to Nashville.

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