Album Spotlight: Conred Sewell “All I Know” EP

Conrad-Sewell-All-I-Know-20152015 | 300 | 21 minutes

Meet Conrad Sewell.

He makes pop music.

He is from Brisbane.

And he has an amazing EP.

You may have heard his American hit, “Hold Me Up”.  His song “Start Again” won an Aria award.

Sewell gained international attention for singing on Kygo’s track “Firestone”.  He opened for Ed Sheeran’s Australian tour and joined Maroon 5’s tour in September.

Granted, the only things I know about this Conrad come from Wikipedia articles, but I really admire this kid. He left Australia to pursue pop music in the US and UK at 18; American Idol rejected his audition in 2004.  Dude worked tirelessly for a decade before he got a few hits.  He really wanted to make music.

And now, we get to hear it!  Sewell has a phenomenal voice (you missed out, American Idol!).  For “All I Know”, he worked with top- notch producers and songwriters like Sam Hollander, Jamie Hartman and Brian Lee to craft six tracks of sonic joy.  His EP is mysterious, multifaceted and magnificent. I can’t wait for an album.

Listen when you’re at the gym, in your car, or feelin’ fresh.

If You Like:  Jesse McCartney, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith

Standout Tracks: “Hold Me Up”, “Start Again”


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