The Avengers snubbed for Best Visual Effects! And Other Oscar Injustices #oscarssowhite


By now you may have heard The Academy of Snobby White Dudes snubbed an entire race in the acting categories.

That’s not the only injustice plaguing the 2016 Oscar nominees.

For decades, the Oscars stood as a measure of cinematic excellence.  But lately, the awards seem more like an exercise in ego stroking.  Do the winners even matter anymore?

TV is kicking film’s butt.  Two major contenders, The Revenant and The Hateful Eight, leaked online.  The acting nominees include 12 repeats.  All the Best Picture nominees combined made less money than Star Wars.  So what’s the point?

While only old white guys’ votes might count towards Oscar gold, everyone’s vote counts in the pop culture lexicon.  Movies like Mean Girls, Clueless, The Goonies, and anything directed by John Hughes left lasting impressions on our culture with nary a mention of Oscar glory.  It’s an honor to be nominated, and Oscar certainly helps your name stick around, but great movies do not need Oscar’s validation anymore.  This year marks another chapter in the Academy’s heads sinking further up their butts.  The Academy doesn’t care what you think.  Let’s not forget how awards shows work.  It’s not a popularity contest.

Props to The Wrap for that awesome graphic.


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