Nick Jonas Is Killing It

Nick JOnas America

Nick Jonas’ album Nick Jonas came out in November 2014. And I have been enjoying it for 11 solid months.

I fully supported the Jonas Brothers back when they had One Direction levels of fame. The trio wrote their own songs, played their own instruments.  They were the most talented fad band since Hanson. The Jonas trifecta parted ways in 2013. Kevin got married. Joe got a hilarious Instagram and started a DJ career. And Nick starred in Les Miserables and How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, then dropped this bombshell of an album.

Nick Jonas Album

We always knew Nick was the winner.

Surely you heard “Chains” and “Jealous”, two of early 2015’s radio mainstays. Now Nick has two new(ish) singles, “Levels” (“Yea, we’re high- fiving Jesus”, he sings) and “Good Thing” with Sage the Gemini.He has a hilarious role on Scream Queens, Fox’s new Glee/ American Horror Story mashup.

If Nick’s irresistible falsetto and comic timing haven’t already won you over, check out the rest of his album. Nick managed to put his finger on everything mainstream and focus on his talents and without making his music seem contrived. Check out “Wilderness”, “Warning” and “Push”. Even though Nick nailed the radio hit, he still has a penchant for thoughtful ballads. I like to think his music career will win back Miley Cyrus, a former flame, but really, Nick Jonas is a gift to us all.

Nick Jonas Levels

The Jonas Brothers: boy band fad you can actually feel good about. Cheers to you, Nick Jonas.


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