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6 TV Premiere Turn- Offs that Nashville Definitely Used In Its Season 4 Premiere

Some things hook you to a TV show. Drama. Sex. Attractive people. Infectious music. Cliffhanger endings. Shonda Rhimes.

Nashville Juliette Hayden Crazy

Some things totally turn you off. And Nashville seemed to use a lot of those things in the Season 4 premiere.

The premiere should hook the viewer for the season. I decided to give Nashville another shot because of a super- feisty TV spot I saw at Wal- Mart. Where was the fiest, Nashville? Instead of fiest, they had the following bummers. Which you should avoid if ever making a TV premiere.

  1. Rock bottom. Two characters hit rock bottom: Juliette and Will. Juliette in an LA bathroom in the shadows of her megawatt career, Will in his house with a beard. Juliette abandoned her family for her career and Will came out as gay. Dumb moves.  Now we have to watch these characters suffer through denial and self- loathing.

Nashville season 42. Moving in with your parents.  Juliette’s husband, Avery, moved into his parents’ depressing Mississippi house with their daughter. And we really thought he might stay there. You’re not a Teen Mom, Avery. No moving in with your parents.

3. Comas. Deacon’s liver transplant put his sister in a coma. It looks like she might wake up, which sounds great, until you remember that his sister is a vengeful bitter selfish hound who really didn’t want to give Deacon her liver in the first place. She’s gonna be pissed when she wakes up. Deacon in a coma would have been much more compelling.

4. Domestic life. Scarlett once more shuns the passionate love of her musical partner for a boring life with her boring doctor boyfriend. We are so not excited to see you shop for lampshades at Pottery Barn.

5. Really unrealistic situations. Rayna flies from Nashville to LA in what seems like 45 minutes to “talk to” Juliette, then flies back. It’s a four hour flight. How were you able to leave after lunch and make it back before dinner?

6. Two of the main characters skipped this episode:  Jeff (Oliver Hudson) and Teddy (Eric Close).  It really says something when two main characters don’t care to show up for the season premiere.  Ouch.

The premiere had some high points. Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) sang a super seductive cover of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” with Steven Tyler. Scarlett and Gunnar sang a song a made out, which we always appreciate. Rayna wore a great top. But if Nashville makes it to season 5, it might want to avoid some of these total bummers, and have more of this:


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