Ant Man: Ironic?

ant man paul rudd banner

2015 | 1 hour 57 minutes | Dir. Peyton Reed | Marvel

It’s official:  The Marvel Cinematic Universe is over my head.

Ant Man follows Scott (Paul Rudd), a burglar recently released from prison.  He has a young daughter and a penchant for breaking into high- security environments.  Scott has some trouble finding a job with his criminal background (real!).  So, scientist billionaire Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) sneakily recruits him to take down Cross, Pym’s former protege and the new head of his tech company.

Ant Man Ants

 Ant Man was far more accessible than most Marvel movies. Ant Man has a theme centered around family and a pretty everyday setting.  Ant Man’s buddies are petty criminals.  Ant Man and his archenemies battle in a briefcase and land in a family’s swimming pool.  Paul Rudd stars in this movie.  You’re probably expecting Paul Rudd to be funny, and he is funny!  This movie keeps a healthy sense of humor, and it’s pretty nonviolent.  It’s an excellent kids movie. I felt like I was watching something more like Bedtime Stories, with Adam Sandler, than Iron Man.

ant man paul rudd michael douglas

Anr Man was so funny, in fact, I couldn’t tell when Ant Man was joking.  Since the movie is called Ant Man, which is a hilarious title, I laughed at everything.  For example, I cackled madly at the ridiculous video demo of the bad guy’s technology,  but I think it was actually supposed to bring some gravity to the plot. When Pym and Scott started talking actual Avengers, I couldn’t tell if they were kidding or serious.  The movie had a sense of humor, but it did take itself a little too seriously.

ant man tub

Ant Man gives us a glimpse into the wonderful world of ants.  You can’t take science too seriously in a superhero movie, but I loved learning about the ants.  We have crazy ants, which can chew up wires without getting electrocuted, or the bullet ants, which are like bullets, or the fire ants than can shape themselves into structures.  I also enjoyed the unique ant perspective.  It’s cool seeing things from an ant’s eye view.  The action scenes felt way fresher when battling on carpets and motherboards, because, let’s face it:  we’re sick of buildings blowing up.

Better yet, the buildings in Ant Man don’t explode!  They IMPLODE.  It’s way cool.

ant man antony

Also, special effects are used to make Michael Douglas look younger.  And that’s what special effects should be used for: Making movie stars look younger.

Still, I could tell from audience reactions that I did not get the references.  It’s hard enough for me to tell what’s going on in a movie with eight main characters (*cough*theavengers*cough*).  I can’t keep up with eight movies with eight major characters.  I felt left out.  But I blame Marvel.  I thought I only had to do  homework for TV shows like Lost and Game Of Thrones.  Now, I feel like I might have to brush up on a Wiki just to ENJOY A MOVIE.  But, I guess Marvel’s in the business of cranking out expensive Saturday morning serials.  My bad.

Go see Ant Man with your family.  Enjoy the jokes and the ants, and let the kids worry about the Marvelverse.

ant man ants


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