Album Spotlight: Hilary Duff’s Breathe In. Breathe Out. is the soundtrack to your Traveling Pants summer


2015 | Sony | 42 Minutes

Hey guys, remember Hilary Duff?


The Disney channel darling turned edgy young adult turned married mama has a new album! She divorced her hockey player husband (aw!) but resurrected her singing and acting careers (yay!). After a releasing a few happy, Colbie Callait-y singles last year, Duff has emerged with a dance- ready pop album.  I stumbled upon some tracks in a Spotify playlist called Young Love (which is really code for Girl Pop), and that’s exactly what this album is.  “I really wanted some of those super strong pop songs that Sweden really seems to have their finger on right now,” said Duff in an interview.  She even travelled to Sweden to get her finger on the pulse! Hilary named the album after her “mantra” over the last couple of years.

hilary duff sparks banner

Duff’s songwriting abilities haven’t really evolved past those of a 16- year- old girl, and it’s not the masterpiece her 2004 self- titled album was. Nor is Breathe In. Breathe Out. the home run of Nick Jonas’ self- titled solo album, although one can certainly make comparisons. Duff’s greatest weakness could be that she’s not a sixteen- year- old girl.  But whatevs. This is the lush, fun Hilary we’ve been missing. Her songs always have something catchy or exciting going on.

Also, Hilary Duff emerged from child stardom virtually unscathed. She deserves some respect.

Listen to Breathe In. Breathe Out. On a summer night, with your girlfriends, possibly while breaking into a yoga studio to make a pact over a pair of denim, and relive your tweens.

Best Tracks: “My Kind”, “Night Like This “(Duet with Kendall Schmidt), and salsa- ready “Lies”.

I personally prefer her more adult contemporary/guitary/ folky stuff.  For that, see “Tattoo”, “All About You”, and “Chasing the Sun”.  And throw in “I Can’t Wait” for good measure.


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