Album Spotlight: The Desired Effect, Brandon Flowers

the desired effect flowers with text

2015 | Island | 39 minutes

The Desired Effect is like a delicious jello salad with all the flavors of jello.

This album has everything: Pop.  Rock.  Synth.  Americana.  Gospel.  African beats.  Organs.  Pan flutes. Luaus.  That twinkly part from “In Your Eyes”.  The spirit of the 2000s, when producers threw any appealing sound effect into pop songs.  All wrapped around the unique stylings of Mr. Brandon Flowers.

The album contains themes common to Flowers’ cannon:  Western mythology, elusive maturity, American dreamin’, the desert.

Flowers creates different styles for his different projects.  The Killers have a more aggressive, rock tone;  Flowers’ solo albums have a flashy pop sound.  Both endeavors employ Flower’s signature singing style.  I don’t know how to explain some of the things he does, but no one can quite pull off flat tones like Brandon Flowers.  This fascinating being rose from the neon of Las Vegas, made a video testimonial for The Mormon Channel, received Elton John’s blessing after his first album, got Tim Burton and Charlize Theron to work on his music videos, and receives rave reviews for his live performances. He’s been called this before, but Brandon Flowers might actually be the last great rock star of our generation.

I loved this album.  Listen to it if you want to feel awesome.

If you like: The Killers, Panic! At The Disco, Bruce Springsteen (specifically Born in the USA & Tunnel of Love), Peter Gabriel, anything that was popular in the last 40 years

Best Tracks: Can’t Deny My Love, Lonely Town, Never Get You Right

Tour Dates: 

brandon-flowers-with showgirls las vegas




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