Kanye West’s Most Unconventional Collaborations

Kanye recently released “Only One”, a collaboration with Paul McCartney, former Beatle.  Fans from Camp Paul are outraged, but this isn’t the first time Kanye has thought outside of the R&B box.  Here, a list of his most out- there collaborations, from worst to best:

7. “I Am A God”, God

Kanye credits “God” on his Yeezus single.  Definitely WTF.

6. “E.T.”, Katy Perry

“They call me an alien/ a big- headed astronaut/ Maybe it’s because your boy Yeezy get ass a lot” isn’t even the most ridiculous line in this re-issue of Katy Perry’s “E.T.”  A Katy Perry and Kanye West collaboration makes sense, but this song (and video) were so weird.  Katy benefitted from the fact that her video came out shortly after Lady Gaga’s weird- ass space spectacular “Born This Way”, so the masses weren’t totally shocked by “E.T.”‘s  futuristic innuendo.  But Kanye’s bit might be his worst rap ever.

5. “Homecoming”, Chris Martin

“Homecoming” tells the story of Kanye’s relationship with his hometown, Chicago.  Coldplay’s Chris Martin sings the chorus and plays piano.  I love this song; it’s rousing, personal, and Chris Martin’s additions seem appropriate.  The song loses points for the parts toward the end when Chris Martin yodels.  I gotta hand it to Kanye, though: he knows his weaknesses, and doesn’t hesitate to grab a good singer when he needs one.

4. “Only One”, Paul McCartney

So, Kanye can’t sing.  He’s admitted it.  He often performs with his brother singing backup.  When he does sing, he autotunes the **** out of his voice.  This works great on beat- driven songs like “Love Lockdown”, but on “Only One”, it gets kind of old.  Too bad, too: this touching song to his daughter North from the perspective of his late mother has great lyrics and cute chords from Sir Paul.

3. “All Of The Lights”, Elton John

Kanye sings with everyone and their mother on this single from My.Beautiful.Dark.Twisted.Fantasy- Fergie, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, John Legend, The Dream, Kid Cudi, Charlie Wilson, Tony Williams, Ryan Leslie, and Elly Jackson, to be precise.  But the song doesn’t get “wtf”-y until Sir Elton John chimes in during the last 59 seconds of the song.  Elton John popped up everywhere on songs for a while, singing with Fall Out Boy, The Killers, and Lady Gaga; in the company of Kanye, he seemed only a little out of place.

2. My.Beautiful.Dark.Twisted.Fantasy, Bon Iver

Kanye collaborated with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon on several tracks for his fifth studio album, sampling the artists’ “Woods” on the penultimate “Lost In The World”.  Vernon performed with West on several occasions during the album’s promotion, and the collab gave Kanye the indie cred at Coachella in 2011.

1. “Stronger”, Daft Punk

Kanye sampled the Swedish guys then best- known for “One More Time” and came up with an immortal dance/rap hit.  Kanye reportedly remixed the song 75 times, trying to get it to sound as good as Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.  The song hit number one in four countries and won a Grammy for Best Solo Rap Performance.  More importantly, the music video introduced the world to  shutter shades.


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