I Love Hideous Fashion: Oscars 2015

Forgive me for thinking celebrities at the Oscars should achieve Twilight-vampire levels of gorgeousness.

This Oscars, it seemed very hip to have makeup that made you look critically ill or lipstick that made you look like you had a clown mouth.  Seriously.  The un-famous dates of dudes in technical categories looked better than the nominees.  Some of the prettiest people showed up looking the worst.  Come on, celebrities.  You can do better than that.

That said, a few stars nailed the Red Carpet with flattering drapes, high- contrast colors and well- placed accessories.

If you’re a celebrity and you’re not on these lists, congratulations.  You looked ok.

Snubs for Selma and The Lego Movie peppered host Neil Patrick Harris’ jokes.   Harris made a darling host; his wry one- liners sizzled and his opening number was like Disney’s Fantasmic without the water. That said, the best part of the show is always the darling instrumental interludes.  The Oscar orchestra takes pop songs and musical scores alike and turned them into jaunty, charming sound bytes.

High Points:  Tegan and Sarah and The Lonely Island singing “Everything Is Awesome” and handing out Lego Oscar statues; the opening number, minus Jack Black’s weird villain; Lady Gaga’s voice (she sang a Sound of Music medley), Benedict Cumberbatch, as usual.

Low Points: Five- minute- long movie- themed commercials reminding us that any jackass with a smartphone can be a filmmaker.



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