7 Reasons Meghan Trainor Is The Coolest


1.  In this interview with Entertainment Weekly, Meghan admits she made “All About Dat Bass” as outrageous as possible because she thought it would never go anywhere:

How did the line “I’m all about that bass, no treble” originally come about?
[Producer Kevin Kadish] had written “Bass, no treble,” and I was in my phase of saying, “I’m all about that Mexican food!” [Laughs] That was my slang. So I was like, “I’m all about that bass, no treble.” He said, “I can’t figure out what to relate it with.” And I was like, “Booty!” Once we started writing it, I remember his smile when he said “skinny bitches.” That’s when we looked at each other like, “We’ll never make a dime off this, but I’m fine with that.”

2. She appreciates the awesomeness of the Tarzan soundtrack:

What were your favorite albums when you were young?

I grew up with the Tarzan soundtrack. It’s amazing! Phil Collins murdered it then and there. *NSYNC? Yes, bring *NSYNC on. Tarzan was my life.

3.  And of Lizzie McGuire:

You must be meeting lots of other big musicians, though. Is there one you were really excited about?
Hilary Duff. “This Is What Dreams Are Made Of”? That was my jam. When they told me she was going to intro me at the iHeartRadio Festival, I freaked out. And I sang to her! I was like, “This is what dreeeaaaams are made of.” That was my dream, to be a pop star like Lizzie McGuire.

3. She sings about having a booty.  And hers is clearly real.

4.  She got her start writing songs in Nashville, and she saluted her country with this duet with Miranda Lambert at the CMAs.

5.  The fat gay guy in her music video totally steals the show.  And that’s totally ok.

6.  Her Title EP cover is so pretty and so classy!


7.  I caught my grandma singing “All About That Bass”.  It’s a hit.

Keep it up, Meghan Trainor.  Every inch of you is perfect.


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