Taylor Swift Shakes It Off Like It’s 1989

Here’s what you need to know about Taylor Swift right now.

taylor swift shake it off VMAs

First, the facts:

  • Taylor Swift has a new album.
  • The new album comes out on October 27.
  • She calls it 1989.
  • Big Machine Records will produce 1989.
  • Big Machine Label Group produced all of Taylor’s previous albums.
  • Taylor calls 1989 her “first documented pop album”.
  • Its first single is called “Shake It Off”.
  • This is the music video.
  • Taylor announced her album in a live stream on Yahoo on August 18, 2014.
  • You can watch highlights from the live stream here.

Here’s what I’m deducing from the new album announcement:

  • Taylor’s new theme is “1989”.
  • In keeping with the 1989 theme, Taylor wore this diaper- inspired onesie to the VMAs.

taylor swift VMAs 2014

  • Taylor Swift killed her hair on the Red tour from relentlessly straightening it.  Luckily, Debbie Harry is very 1989.
  • If you buy the CD without the three bonus tracks you’re an idiot. Bonus tracks are where it’s at.
  • I find cover of 1989 very Vampire Weekend- ish.contra89


I can’t wait to hear the rest of Taylor’s new album. I feel fans and critics are overly critical of Taylor Swift, who at 24 has more awards and money than most artists get in their entire careers. Shake it off, girl.


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