Pizza at the Oscars: Recap of a Laid- Back Sunday Night

Last weekend, Los Angeles experienced two things that only come about once a year:  the Oscars and a rainstorm.

Attendees at the 86th Annual Academy Awards seemed to have a lot in common with those of us chilling out at home this year.  The wet weather dialed ABC’s high expectations down a couple notches without dampening the night’s spirits.  Host Ellen DeGeneres worked the floor of the Dolby theater like your best friend making the rounds at a party and made ordering pizza a running gag.  She’s more than just talk: Ellen sealed the deal with actual pizza.

ellen pizza oscars 2014

The low- key show and its down- to- Earth host made the ceremony seem more like what it feels like to celebrities:  a fun chance to reunite with friends and coworkers.  The awards offered few surprises, making for a low- pressure telecast. Gravity took home most technical awards (including Best Director), 12 Years A Slave triumphantly won Best Picture, and Frozen captured Best Animated Feature and Best Song.  The world got to hear some immortal words of wisdom from Best Actor winner Matthew McConaughey, who is currently campaigning for Best Human.

matt oscars speech video

Winners gave humbling and inspirational acceptance speeches.  Jared Leto thanked his single mom, who raised him in rural Louisiana and doubled as his date, for teaching him to dream.  Lupita Nyong’o thanked the tortured slave whom she portrayed, and 12 Years director Steve McQueen acknowledged “the 21 million people who still suffer under slavery today”.  Across the board, honorees reinforced the Hollywood dream: No matter where you come from, you can win an Oscar.  Maybe one day we couch potatoes can have more in common with Meryl Streep than eating pizza during the Oscars.

Check out more highlights, including the best and the worst dressed, here.


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