Academy Awards 2014: Best and Worst of the Oscars

The best and worst dresses, suits, props and gimmicks at the Oscars.


OSCARS 2014: What They Did Right:  Each Best Song nominee got a performance, which rocks because it makes Best Song the only category where the viewer gets to experience all the nominees.  Karen O, Ezra Kroening, Idina Menzel, Pharrel, U2 and P!nk livened the stage with their pipes.

Ellen kept the Oscars low- key and lighthearted.  No big musical numbers or ambitious montages here, but Ellen’s quirky yet affable demeanor gave producers (and viewers) nothing to worry about.

What They Did Wrong: Oscar the Blow- Up Doll.  These iridescent statues looked chic at some times and like condoms at others.

Oscar blow up dolls clear bubble


For this year’s Oscars, folks on the red carpet focused on fashion. Women took a cue from the Winter Olympics and decked themselves in figure- skater style sheer tops with sparkly crystals.  Pharell took a cue from Smokey the Bear and sported his now- signature ranger hat.

Just as with the ceremony, the Red Carpet has winners and losers.  This time, we all get to vote.  Here are my pics for Best and Worst Dressed of the evening:




Many of this year’s Worst Dressed lists are slamming Meryl Streep, Whoopie Goldberg and Glenn Close for their attire.  As a general rule I am cutting ladies over 55 some slack. Streep has been nominated 17 times; it’s hard to pick 17 winning gowns. These women deserve to be comfortable.

This “worst dressed” list is relative.  Some people could have done better, but everyone looked fantastic.  Even Julia Roberts, who looked like she was wearing the discount bin at Michael’s, had fantastic hair and makeup.  Even the gals who wore bad dresses looked amazing.



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