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The VMAs totally happened

Last night MTV hosted the 29th annual Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.  Here’s what happened in a nutshell:

Lady Gaga gave an awesome performance of her song “Applause” and spent the rest of the evening in seashells and a g- string.


Mother Monster opened the show with her impressive vocal range and numerous costume changes before settling on the evening’s attire, her mermaid costume from the music video.

gaga-nsync.jpg-1 (dragged)

Justin Timberlake won some big award, performed with N*Sync, and then let them fall into trapdoors

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 12.54.45 AM

Like Beyoncè at the Super Bowl, Justin Timberlake reunited with his former band for a hot minute before letting them fall off the stage so he could finish his career- spanning medley.  Also notable:  his hideous shirt looked like a corset.

Justin Timberlake VMAS horrible shirt

 Miley Cyrus’ vagina is officially the least sacred thing on the planet

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 12.52.26 AM

The “We Can’t Stop” singer paired the two most provocative songs of the summer:  Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” and Robyn Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”.  After desecrating a teddy bear she went on to finger herself with a giant foam hand.  All while presumably wearing her engagement ring.  Meanwhile, the Smith family did this:

Smith family VMAs reaction to Miley

Taylor Swift rubs it in Harry Styles’ face


After winning the VMA for Best Female Video, Taylor said “I also wanna thank the person who inspired this song, who knows exactly who he is, because now I got one of these!”  She was also seen mouthing “shut the F*** up!” to hot date Selena Gomez when One Direction presented the award for Best Pop video.

Taylor Swift VMAs acceptance speech 2013 Harry Styles

Katy Perry performed her latest “I’m Bigger than Russell” song by the Brooklyn Bridge


Perry closed the show with her latest single “Roar” while wearing a deliciously hideous boxing outfit against the stunning backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Perry’s showstopping performance was only topped by one of her backup dancer’s showstopping Brooklyn booty.

But hey, don’t take my word for it.  Check out the full show, performances, and photos at  They only put on the VMAs because they love you.  And they want you to watch MTV.

If you really like trainwrecks Mashable sums up the Miley fiasco pretty well.


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