Ten Things to take away from Taylor Swift’s RED tour

Last night, me and my BGF (Best Girl Friend) saw Taylor Swift at Staples Center.  Here are 10 things to take away from Taylor’s sold- out show.

1. If Taylor keeps straightening her hair before every show, she’s not going to have any left.

2. Taylor Swift is beautiful.  Really beautiful.  If she weren’t a singer she could easily be a model.  She oozes confidence and has legs for days, which she showed off with an exciting assortment of high- waisted hot pants.

3.  She’s an excellent role model for girls. When an artist buys into celebrity they become more than just singers, they become a role models.  Taylor understands that.  Her entire image reflects a person who sincerely cares about setting a good example for her fans, unlike celebs such as Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus.  Opener Ed Sheeran peppered his performance with salty language, but Taylor clearly knows the responsibility she has towards little girls.  She accented the show with Taylor’s Life Lessons, such as

 “I have this theory that the crazy emotions are the ones that help you grow into the person you’re going to become.”

-Taylor Swift


You should never make someone feel as bad as they made you feel.”

-Taylor Swift

Adults might care more about Taylor’s love life, but her younger fans care more about what’s behind her relationships:  trust, magic, and true love.


If the show felt gilded and over- rehearsed, I’d call it part of the effort to keep up Taylor’s image.  She takes her job seriously.  Playing shows is clearly a job for her.  Taylor Swift is not going to throw away five years of hard work for a few seconds of self- indulgence.

But more than that, Taylor doesn’t seem like she has a hidden agenda.  This is the girl who got bullied in school and wrote songs about what she wished would happen with boys.  This is a girl who, in Glamour magazine, confessed she preferred a night of baking cookies over a night of partying.  This is someone who’s song “22” contains the lyrics:

“It seems like one of those nights/ this place is too crowded/ too many cool kids”


“It feels like one of those nights/ we ditch the whole scene/ and end up dreaming/ instead of sleeping”.

-Taylor Swift, “22”

And this is a girl who lives in Nashville, where people are, I’d say, much more American than they are in L.A.  Call me crazy, but I think Taylor Swift enjoys her job.

4. Taylor shines all by herself.  While Taylor rocks the costumes and elaborate choreography that go with high- profile numbers, she’s at her best when she’s donning a ponytail and t- shirt, strumming acoustic songs.  That was my favorite part of the show.

**Note:  Apparently she does not wear a red t- shirt for every show.  For the show at Staples Center, she wore a tight red v- neck with the word “Hollywood” written in rhinestones.  I got really excited because I thought Taylor had a sparkly shirt for everyone’s city (like Fargo and Salt Lake City), but she doesn’t.

5. She has lots of little fans!! Gaggles of girls showed up to the concert with homemade t- shirts, light- up letters spelling “Red” and posters declaring their love for the songstress.  One family ripped their poster in half to get it through security and then taped it back together.  The little girl sitting next to us had her own choreography for all of Taylor’s songs.  Everyone at the show could sing every word.  Taylor’s fans have so much love for Taylor, and Taylor has so much love for her fans.

6.  Taylor shares the love!  Swift shared the L.A. stage with Teagan & Sara, Sarah Bareilles, Elie Goulding and Jennifer Lopez on separate nights.

7. She experiments.  If you thought “I Knew You Were Trouble” sounded dubstep-y before, you’ll get a kick out of the tour version’s bass- busting ode to electronica.

However, I did not enjoy her doo- wop rendition of “You Belong With Me”.  It lacked the energy and desperation of the pop- country original and was not as fun to sing along to.

8. I only have one complaint with Taylor’s show:  I wanted more music.  She played 16 songs for almost 2 hours, but I still wanted more.   Our show included nothing from the first album.

9.  The concert is sponsored by Diet Coke, Keds and American Greetings.  Just in case you missed that part.

10.  No matter how much acting or preparation went into Taylor Swift’s show, the look on her face when she sees a sea of fans cheering for her is absolutely priceless.

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Taylor’s site rocks.  Go here for tour clips, merch & more


At Staples on Saturday night, she played:

  1. State of Grace
  2. Holy Ground
  3. Red
  4. You Belong With Me
  5. The Lucky One
  6. Mean
  7. 22
  8. Enchanted
  9. Everything Has Changed
  10. Begin Again
  11. Sparks Fly
  12. I Knew You Were Trouble
  13. Anything Could Happen (with Elie Goulding)
  14. All Too Well
  15. Love Story
  16. Treacherous
  17. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together


Sadly the tour is almost over.  Wah.

You can still catch Taylor in Portland, Tacoma, St. Paul, Charlottesville, Raleigh, Greensboro, and in the star’s hometown of Nashville.  Her Australian tour stars the end of November.


March 22: Charlotte, North Carolina

March 23: Columbia, South Carolina

March 27 & 28 & 29: Newark, New Jersey

April 10: Miami, Florida

April 11 & 12: Orlando, Florida

April 18 & 19: Atlanta, Georgia

April 20: Tampa, Florida

April 25: Cleveland, Ohio

April 26: Indianapolis, Indiana

April 27: Lexington, Kentucky

May 4: Detroit, Michigan

May 7: Louisville, Kentucky

May 8: Columbus, Ohio

May 11 & 12: Washington, DC

May 16: Houston, Texas

May 21: Austin, Texas

May 22: San Antonio, Texas

May 25: Dallas, Texas

May 28 & 29: Glendale, Arizona

June 1: Salt Lake City, Utah

June 2: Denver, Colorado

June 15: Toronto, Ontario

June 22: Winnipeg, Manitoba

June 29: Vancouver, British Columbia

July 6: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

July 20: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

July 27: Foxborough, Massachusetts

August 1: Des Moines, Iowa

August 2 & 3: Kansas City, Missouri

August 6: Wichita, Kansas

August 7: Tulsa, Oklahoma

August 10: Chicago, Illinois

August 15: San Diego, California

August 19 & 20: Los Angeles, California

August 27: Sacramento, California

August 30: Portland, Oregon

August 31: Tacoma, Washington

September 6: Fargo, North Dakota

September 7 & 8: St. Paul, Minnesota

September 12: Greensboro, North Carolina

September 13: Raleigh, North Carolina

September 14: Charlottesville, Virginia

September 19, 20 & 21: Nashville, Tennessee

November 29 & 30:  Auckland, NZ

December 4:  Sydney, AUS

December 7:  Brisbane, AUS

December 11:  Perth, AUS

December 14:  Melbourne, AUS

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