Fall Out Boy are a bunch of Young Volcanoes: Third Single Drops Today

Fall Out Boy continues their comeback Fall Out Boy Young Volcanoes

*** UPDATE 4/20/2013- Click the picture for the music video!

So I’m excited for the new Fall Out Boy album, Save Rock and Roll. Probably more excited than I was about the new Justin Timberlake album.  Which, if you know me, says a lot.  Okay, so I was excited for both in different ways.  But I’m really really excited for Save Rock & Roll.

The band announced on their blog that every song on the new album gets a music video, and that they’ll all tell a story.  A rap version of mskwyditd featuring 2 Chainz is making the rounds (the rapper appears in the song’s music video).  Plus, MTV reports that Sir Elton John and Courtney Love appear on the album.  Stoked!

And, because an arena tour going on sale today wasn’t enough, FOB just dropped another new single, called Young Volcanoes.  It totally has the same repeat status as the band’s other two taster tracks, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)” and “The Phoenix”.  You might call this the softer side of Fall Out Boy; it’s acoustic-y and more “Hey Soul Sister” than “Sugar, We’re Going Down”.  And it’s great.

Fall Out Boy, I like this little thing you’re doing.  Keep bombarding me with announcements and new music.  It definitely keeps you at the front of my mind.

In case you don’t feel like scouring the Web for the band’s most tantalizing singles, here is an appetizer platter for your listening pleasure.


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