Catherine wins The Bachelor, Rides Elephant

sean+catherine elephant

Catherine took home the final rose and the main squeeze Monday night on the season finale of The Bachelor.  Catherine Giudici, of Seattle, Washington, beat out 27 other bachelorettes for the heart of 29- year- old Sean Lowe on national television.

“Is this real?” asked the awestruck 26- year- old on the ABC show.  Many debate the authenticity of The Bachelor, but Catherine was the most real girl on that show and yup, the engagement (and that phat engagement ring) was most definitely real.  Catherine and Sean have plans to tie the knot “soon” according to US Weekly and Good Morning America.

I am super thrilled that Catherine won.  She was totally my favorite and I rooted for her from the very beginning.  Too bad for 24- year- old Lindsey but she was practically an infant and she will have plenty of chances.  Also she was a midget (she’s 5’1 and Sean is 6’3).

The audience could have figured out the ending when producers put Lindsey in a silver dress and Catherine in a gold dress.  Both dresses were incredibly unflattering and made the women look like anchovies.

Bachelor Anchovy

Lucky for Catherine, happiness is the best accessory.

Sean and Catherine smile for the iPhone.
Sean and Catherine smile for the iPhone.

Catherine also got to experience the joy of riding an elephant in Thailand, one of the top three things on her bucket list.  The other two are ” eat traditional pasta in Italy [and]  go skiing in the Alps”.  Honeymoon, anyone?

In case you need proof that Catherine is the most awesome bachelorette ever, check out the front page of her website:

unicorn back image

She has a unicorn costume, people. So at the very least she has something white to wear to the wedding.


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